Glow in the Dark Hamster Cages & Accessories (Inspiration and Shopping Suggestions)

Whether you have a pet hamster who is moonlighting as a DJ or you want to jazz up your hamsters’ home, a glow in the dark hamster cage is a sure bet for you! Not only are they colorful while remaining see-through, but they're also safe for your pet. Glow in the Dark Hamster Cages & Accessories (Inspiration and Shopping Suggestions)No need to stress if your pet is a chewer and let's be honest - most hammies are (more about chewing towards the end of this post).

Glow-in-the-dark hamster cages (that are specifically designed for your pet hammy) are safe for them to play in and gnaw on, should they be so inclined. There are a variety of glow-in-the-dark hamster cages available, and we know it can be a daunting task trying to figure out which is the best for your pet but luckily, we've done the leg work for you!

This article will introduce you to some glow-in-the-dark hamster cages, accessories, and habitat decor ideas that are pet-safe and budget friendly. You can easily mix and match from the options below and use your creativity to make a hamster home both you and your pet will love.

Popular Glow in the dark hamster cages

These hamster cages that will glow in the dark while illuminating your hamster’s night time fun without disturbing their natural habitat. As always, be sure that any cage you bring home for your hamster is the correct size. If you’re unsure, our article What Size Cage Does A Hamster Need will help.

1. Kaytee Super Pet CritterTrail X

The Kaytee Super Pet CritterTrail X is perfect for dwarf hamsters or a great addition to your current hamster habitat. This cage is tons of extreme fun for your pet. With a spiral ramp, a removable petting zone, and a fun glow-in-the-dark exercise ball for your pet to enjoy day and night! This habitat comes in a beautiful, almost day-glow, green and purple color that will catch your eye but is still transparent enough for you and your pet to see each other clearly.

Check out the Kaytee Super Pet Critter Train X here.

2. The Kaytee CritterTrail Glow Habitat

The Kaytee Critter Trail Glow in the dark Habitat is perfect if you want to watch your hamster’s midnight shenanigans without throwing off your decor. By day, you'll view a white cage, and by night it's a hamster disco! Hamster owners love the expandable design and that this habitat comes with an exercise wheel, feeding dish, and water bottle.

Check out the Kaytee CritterTrail Glow Habitat here.

3. The Kaytee CritterTrail Lighted Habitat

Not your typical glow in the dark cage. The Kaytee Critter Trail Lighted Habitat makes it glow with the use of LED lights for illumination. Thanks to smart design this cage is safe for your pet to play in and you’ll be sure to enjoy watching your hamster explore under the bright illumination.

Check out the Kaytee CritterTrail Lighted Habitat here.

Glow in the dark hamster cage accessories

If a glow in the dark cage might be too much for you (or your hamster), then it might be a good idea to start small. By adding a few glow-in-the-dark accessories to your hamster's cage, you can easily brighten up your hamster’s habitat without breaking the bank. In this case, a little glow goes a long way!

4. Kaytee CritterTrail Light

The Kaytee CritterTrail Light connects to any CritterTrail Habitat and best of all - no plug-in is required! Pet owners love that this is pet-friendly and shines a bit of light on what their hamsters are up to at night! It includes color options and when the light stays on for 10-minute intervals.

Check out the Kaytee Critter Trail Light here.

5. Kaytee Hamster Mini Run-About Exercise Ball

The Kaytee Dwarf Hamster Mini Run-About Exercise Ball is a great way to entice your hamster to exercise. This exercise ball is the perfect size for dwarf hamsters and doubles as a safe holding area for your pet while you’re cleaning their cage. The neon moon glow makes it easy to watch your hamster’s enjoyment while they scurry around outside of their cage.

Check out the Kaytee Hamster Run-About Exercise Ball here.

6. All Living Things Hamster Glow in the dark Play Tube

This glow-in-the-dark play tube is the perfect addition to any hamster cage. Hamster owners love the neon-green or orange glow-in-the-dark color options, and hamsters love having more tubes and tunnels to explore. You can easily add multiple extensions to your cage to extend your hammy’s play area.

Check out the Glow-In-The-Dark Play Tube here.

7. Kaytee LED Run-About Exercise Ball

Fun for you and your hamster, this LED Run-About Exercise Ball gives a soft neon glow while giving your hamster the space for the exercise they need. Safe for pets, this ball is battery operated and comes with a handy timer that turns off the light after 10-minutes. A perfect reminder to that your pet is ready to go back in their cage.

Check out the Kaytee LED Run-About Exercise Ball here.

8. Glow in The Dark Stars Wall Decals Stickers for Windows

These glow-in-the-dark stickers will add a subtle glow to your hamster’s cage. While not explicitly designed for a hamster cage, these decals are perfectly safe so long as they're placed outside of a hamster habitat. These glow-in-the-dark stickers can adhere to glass. However we do not recommend they are used on cages as a hamster can easily pull one through the bars, and it will become a choking hazard.

Check out these glow-in-the-dark star decals here.

Glow-in-the-dark decorating ideas for your hamster’s cage

You can easily doll up your hamster habitat by adding some glow in the dark stickers to the outside of the cage! Adding a few strings of LED black lights around the enclosure will quickly help brighten up your hamsters’ space without disrupting their home. Just be sure that the stickers and lights aren’t accessible to your hamster as they can quickly become a choking hazard.

Glow-in-the-dark stickers and string black lights illuminate this hamster habitat. A few glow in the dark tubes adds an extra pop of neon glow to this hamsters’ home.

This day-glow neon green shines bright even during daylight without disrupting the hamster’s natural nocturnal behavior. By night, it's glow will shed a bit of light on the playful hamster is really up to after hours.

By safely adding some string lights to the outside of the hamster’s habitat and brightening up the play space with day-glow green accessories, this hamster owner was able to invite a fun moon glow atmosphere. This hamster cage is perfect for the hamster who is a raver at heart.

Another themed-decor, this cage celebrates one of Disney’s most popular movies while brightening up the room. Not too bright as to disturb a hamster’s nocturnal behavior but shines enough to light up any movie lovers’ heart.

This neon hamster house will brighten up any space - day or night! By using glow in the dark tubing and blue lighting, it adds a festive atmosphere to an already lively nocturnal cage. Your hamster will have hours of fun playing in the dark, and you'll love watching them explore by the blue light.

If you're interested in creating a themed hamster cage, glow in the dark is perfect for Halloween! Without being too scary, a glow in the dark cage is the ideal accessory for the trick-or-treat hamster owner.

As always, no matter what cage you choose, it's essential to be respectful of your hamster’s well-being as nocturnal animals. Whether you decide to add a few pieces on to your hamster’s current habitat, create a themed cage depending on the season, or are looking to build a dayglow masterpiece, there are many hamster friendly options available to you.

Looking for more nifty cages? Don't miss out on our post: 30 Luxury Hamster Cages and Houses! Oh, and we didn't forget about the chewing! Remember how we said you needn't worry about hammy chewing these neon cages? Well, if your hamster loves chewing, make sure she or he has something nice and safe to gnaw on. Try these designated hamster chew toys to enrich your hamster's cage and make him happier.

If you're want to know more about hamster cages? You might be interested in 5 Types of Hamster Cages Every Pet Owner Needs To Know. This would give an idea of what hamster cage you seem fit for your hamster. Also, accessories will never go well if you don't choose the right cage to decorate them with. Check out How To Choose The Best Cage For Your Hamster.

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