30 Luxury Hamster Cages and Homes That Will Amaze You

You have to admit, you spoil your hamster. You just can’t help it; when you look at their cute little face and adorable fluffy body, you want to give them everything in the world. If that’s the case, then we think you’ll especially like these luxury hamster cages.

After all, you’ve already provided a life of luxury for your hammy. They get the best food, treats, and bedding. Why not give them an enclosure worthy of a king or queen while you’re at it?

then we recommend you check out these 30 luxury hamster cages and homes

If you’re feeling inspired to upgrade your hamster’s enclosure, then we recommend you check out these 30 luxury hamster cages and homes. You’ll have countless decorating ideas for taking hammy’s living space from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. A White House

No, not that White House. Still, this hamster home looks so stately, we could understand the confusion. In a homemade residence for a single hammy, the little guy in this picture is one of the luckiest pets on earth, we think.`

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2. The Princess Castle

Is your hammy a little princess? Let her strut her stuff every day with this precious, pastel hamster house. We can’t get enough of the miniature banner and tiny, adorable pillows.

3. Popsicle Stick Wonder

If you have the time and inclination, you can reproduce this house with ease. You only need a lot of popsicle sticks…a whole lot. Make sure your hamster doesn’t eat the glue.

4. It’s Like Being in Japan

Your hamster maybe can’t come with you to Japan, but you can bring Japan to them. This adorable cage features blowing fish fans made of felt as well as faux traditional Japanese armor. It’s super authentic and almost too cute for words.

5. Little Hammy’s Neighborhood

Sadly, your hamster cannot eat the cakes and desserts in this faux bake shop. Still, this sure does make for a great photo op, don’t you think?

6. Playtime for Hamster

Can’t find an enclosure suitable enough for a spoiled hamster like yours? Just give them a children’s playset with a plastic kitchen. Sure, they can’t use anything in there, but they have plenty of room to explore.

7. A Page from an Interior Decorating Magazine

Does your hamster have a nicer-looking home than yours? Perhaps…okay, yes, they definitely do. Still, you love them so much that you don’t mind.

8. Sky High

This hamster must like heights, because boy, do those tubes go high. You can recreate a similar enclosure for your hammy by picking up these Kaytee CritterTrail Fun-nels. Stack them up as tall as you can and your hammy can also climb to great heights.

9. Lots of Greenery, Too

A hammy like this has just about everything they could ever ask for: a wire cage, tubes, and a plastic play area. They also have lots of decorative plants. This black wire cage from Ferplast will get you started on furnishing your hammy’s enclosure in much the same way. Plants not included!

10. Pink Everything

If you have a hamster whose favorite color is pink (not like they can necessarily see pink), you need to decorate their home like this. We love the little lights!

11. A Kingly Castle

Earlier in this article, we shared a lovely princess castle. It’s only fair a male hamster has his own kingly castle as well. This cardboard one is especially regal.

12. Room with a View

The architectural touches of this hamster home make it especially impressive. We love the steampunk metal and the decorative red balls throughout. This whole thing looks homemade, so you can pull it off, too!

13. Just Loungin’ Around

This hamster home patio makes us seriously jealous. Not only does the hammy get a precious little patio set to sit at, but their lounger will let them catch some rays in the comfiest way possible. Life as a hamster is pretty sweet.

14. Beady Home

Now here’s a labor of love. This home, made entirely of beads welded together, must have taken hours to make. We’re sure the spoiled hammy who lives here appreciates their owner’s creativity.

15. A Pet with Taste

Does your hamster like listening to its favorite records the old-fashioned way, on a record player? Wait, you mean your hammy doesn’t have records? Time to change that!

16. All Snug in Their Beds

It can be Christmas all year long when you decorate your hamster’s enclosure like this. Seriously, who would ever get out of those tiny, cozy beds? Not us!

17. Japanese Living Room

Hammy has plenty of room to stretch those little leggies in an awesome hamster home like this. The Japanese styling is super authentic, with everything from the walls to the items on the miniature table analogous to the culture.

18. The Wooden Multi-Story Home

A multi-story home might make sense for several hamsters, but we only see one here. That sure is one loved hammy, as they get to enjoy several rooms filled with wheels, ladders, and lounging areas.

19. Little Summer Home

Where will your hammy spend its summer? Hopefully here, in this too-cute home made of sticks. With some paint, you can reproduce this colorful hamster environment yourself.

20. The Hamster Hotel

Here’s another wondrous hamster home made of beads. Okay, this one’s more like a hotel than a house, but either way, it sure is luxurious, isn’t it?

21. A Home with Protective Glass Doors

For those hamsters regarded as a national treasure, safeguard them behind a glass door like in the above image. We also like that this home has multiple stories. Whether for one hamster or two, there’s plenty of room for playing, running, and sleeping.

22. Too Many Tubes, Not Enough Cage

Do you have so many play tubes for your hamster that they don’t even fit in one cage? If so, you’re in good company. This Instagram user was in the same boat, spoiling their hammy so much they need a second cage for them. It happens.

23. The Mossy Retreat

Your hamster lives that sweet, sweet domesticated life, but you can still harken back to their ancestors with a home like this. This earthy, natural enclosure lets your hammy feel like they’re foraging outdoors without ever leaving your watchful eye.

24. The White Picket Fence

We may only be able to see a portion of this wooden hamster house, but it looks so comfortable. This hammy is living the American Dream in their home with a white picket fence. Okay, the fence isn’t white, but hey, you can always paint it!

25. Slippin’ and Slidin’


Here’s another awesome pick if your hamster loves pink (or you do). There aren’t your everyday play tubes. It looks like hammy can slide on them the way a child would down a park slide, and we think that’s pretty cool.

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26. Dave’s Large Hammy House

We don’t know who Dave the hamster is, but we’d like to. He’s certainly got a dedicated owner who put a lot of love into making Dave the biggest enclosure we think we’ve ever seen. One thing’s for certain, and that’s he will never get bored of this home with so much to do.

27. The Refined Space

Sometimes simple luxury is the best kind. We would say that much about this hamster home, too. With its simple glass base, plain litter, and dark accessories, the lighting and the bird poster in the background really drives home the classiness of this setup.

28. A Miniature Town

Does your hamster have an enclosure so big and ornate it could be considered its own town? If not, you have some work to do. This wooden hammy home, affectionally dubbed Puruni Town, looks like it’d provide countless hours of fun for any fortunate hamster.

29. Sharing a Room

We’re sure Muffin and Sophie, two hamsters, don’t mind too much about sharing a room when their accommodations are this lush. The spiral staircases, fancy vintage recliners, pristine white walls, and huge bay windows prove these hammies get to live a more privileged life than most.

30. The Hamster Mansion

We had to end this post on a high note, and we couldn’t get much higher than this fantastic hamster mansion. Any hammy that lives here is probably the luckiest pet alive. Just look at this place!


You know your hamster’s the best around, and now you want everyone else to know it as well. With any of these 30 luxury hamster homes and cages, you can tell the world how much your hammy means to you.

There’s plenty of ways you can go about recreating these awesome hamster homes and cages. Some hamster houses are DIY-friendly, requiring only beads or popsicle sticks to make. For whole cages, check out our DIY hamster cage guide - they are definitely a possibility too. Others you can design yourself with some items you shop for. No matter which you choose, seeing the happiness in your hamster once they begin exploring their new home makes it all worth it.

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