Can Hamsters Chew On Popsicle Sticks?

It is important to know what they should and should not chew on when you have hamsters. You are probably wondering if hamsters can chew on Popsicle sticks. Look no further. We have researched all about this for you.

Hamsters should not chew on Popsicle sticks because they splinter. Broken Popsicle sticks are dangerous for hamsters. If they ingest the sharp splinters, it can cause them gastrointestinal problems.

Keep reading to learn more about hamsters and what they can and can't chew on. We will discuss whether or not hamsters can chew on sticks from outdoors, if they can chew on cardboard, how to get them to play with toys, and more.

A Syrian hamster cleaning his face, Can Hamsters Chew On Popsicle Sticks?

Why Hamsters Should Not Chew on Popsicle Sticks

Hamsters are perfectly capable of chewing up Popsicle sticks, but they shouldn't. You don't want your hamster's mouth to get scratched up or injured due to the shards from Popsicle sticks. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Sometimes people make little structures for their hamsters from Popsicle sticks, and their hamsters don't chew on them. These projects are usually done with hot glue, so you need to be sure the hot glue used is non-toxic if you decide to build anything for your hamster out of Popsicle sticks. If you notice your hamster chewing on the Popsicle stick structure or glue, remove the item from its cage.

Just a little warning, do not use wood or cardboard as a lid for your hamster cage. Hamsters have the natural desire to chew on anything made of wood or cardboard.

Are colored Popsicle sticks safe for hamsters?

Colored Popsicle sticks are not safe for hamsters to chew on for the same reason Popsicle sticks aren't and more. Whatever the Popsicle sticks have been colored with could potentially be toxic. It isn't worth the risk.

There are other safer options, such as chew sticks or hamster toys that you can find at pet stores that have been deemed safe for hamsters. These are a great alternative option to Popsicle sticks.

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Can hamsters chew on sticks from outside?

A cute little Syrian hamster licking a flavored stick

Wood is great for hamsters to chew on, but you have to be sure it is the right kind of wood. You should not let your hamster chew on sticks from outside on the ground because they could have parasites on them.

Fruit trees provide great wood such as pear and apple wood are great for hamsters to chew on. You should be sure the wood you allow your hamsters to chew on has not been sprayed with chemicals or any pesticides. This is important to avoid because it would be very bad for your hamster.

Some types of wood are not suitable for hamsters to chew on, such as pine and cedar. The naturally occurring oils in these types of wood can make your hamster sick. There are also poisonous trees like oleander, for example, so always be sure to do your research before giving your hamster any stick to chew on.

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Can hamsters chew on cardboard?

A cute hamster chewing cardboard

Hamsters need to be able to chew on things to keep them busy and active because harder items reduce the size of their teeth. Cardboard is a safe choice to let hamsters chew on as long as it does not contain chemicals or dye. You can also use cardboard boxes as nest boxes for your hamster.

Recycling is a great way to keep your hamster entertained and give them safe items to chew on. For example, hamsters love to chew on paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls. They hide in them and have fun crawling through them. There are other options when it comes to tubes that are said to be safe for chewing and last longer, though.

Hamsters need to stay somewhat busy for them to be happy. They thrive when they can keep their little bodies and minds busy. It is normal for your hamster to want to chew on cardboard.

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What can hamsters safely chew on?

You might notice your hamster is chewing on the plastic tubes you put in for it to crawl through or the bars of its cage. It probably means your hamster is bored and needs something safe to chew on if you see this. Whatever you allow your hamsters to chew on, be sure it is labeled as non-toxic.

Hamsters can chew on plain dog biscuits safely. Check to ensure they do not contain garlic because garlic is toxic for hamsters to ingest.

Hamsters can eat popcorn as long as there is no salt or butter or anything added to plain popcorn. Wood blocks help hamsters prevent their teeth from becoming overgrown.

Perhaps the best things that hamsters can chew on are fruit sticks.

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Pet stores also sell hamster treats like these, toys, and more. Between chew sticks, fruit sticks, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, cardboard, and plain dog biscuits, you should be able to find something for your hamster to chew on.

How do I get my hamster to chew on toys?

Sometimes hamsters chew on their cage or items in their cage that you don't want them to. This may be because your hamster is bored. Hamsters are like kids in the way that switching out old toys for new ones can make it seem like you have a whole new hamster.

There are a few additional reasons why your hamster is not chewing on its toys, such as the toys' size, shape, texture, or taste. You can try edible chew toys, chew sticks, or new toys made of a different material to try to get your hamster to chew on toys. If the toys you have are not edible, you can add a little bit of honey to the toy to pique their interest.

AA pile of dog biscuits

Hamsters have an innate desire to chew on wood, so they are naturally attracted to it. You need to be sure any wood they chew on is not painted and has not been treated with anything. If your hamster is disinterested in the wood you have provided, you can put a thin layer of peanut butter on the woodblock.

If your hamster seems to lose interest in chewing on toys or treats suddenly, you may want to take a trip to your preferred vet or call them to get an opinion on whether or not to bring it in.

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A Syrian hamster cleaning his face, Can Hamsters Chew On Popsicle Sticks?

All in all, hamsters should not chew on Popsicle sticks because they splinter and create sharp pieces which are dangerous for hamsters to ingest. If you allow your hamster to chew on one, you need to keep an eye on it and take it out once it has been broken.

Chew sticks or toys explicitly designed for hamsters are the best alternatives to Popsicle sticks. Many people like to create and use Popsicle structures but beware, your hamster might chew on them if they don't have other options, so be sure you try to include more than one thing for your hamster that is safe to chew on.

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