Hamster Water Bottle Leaking – What To Do?

A leaky water bottle is a nuisance for both you and your hamster. In this article, we will answer what to do when you have a leaking hamster water bottle and why this might be happening. 

If you notice your hamster's water bottle leaking, first, you need to figure out why. Reasons why your bottle could be leaking include:

  • Loose lid
  • Crack in the bottle
  • Missing gasket
  • Displacement of the ball

Once you find the source of the issue, you can take steps to stop the leak.

Keep reading as we detail the reasons behind a leak and how to resolve these issues. We will answer how you can tell when the water bottle is working correctly and more. 

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How To Fix Your Hamster's Leaking Water Bottle

You might have noticed a puddle in your hamster's home or a bottle that seems to be emptying rapidly. You probably have a leaky water bottle to address. Resolving these issues quickly is recommended. 

Having a leaky water bottle may lead to your hamster not getting the water they need and creating a mess in their home. Let's take a closer look at why your bottle may be leaking and how to fix them. 

Loose Lid

The first place to check for a leak is the lid of your hamster's water bottle. If the top is loose and the threads are not aligned, this can cause a leak. Luckily, this is an easy fix.

Remove the lid of your bottle, fill the bottle with water, then securely tighten the top back on your bottle. Ensure the threads are matching up. Next, tip your bottle over and watch for leaks. 

If your bottle is still leaking, you may have another issue and need to continue problem-solving. 

Crack In The Bottle

After checking the lid or top of your hamster's bottle, you can start checking the bottle itself for cracks. Check the area of the bottle that screws into the top. The grooves can crack from overtightened tops or normal wear and tear. 

In most cases, if you discover a crack, the best option is to purchase a new hamster bottle. However, if you have a small crack on the body of the bottle, there is a chance it can be fixed with food-grade silicone sealant or waterproof tape

If you fix your bottle with sealant or tape, this is just a temporary fix. Eventually, you will need to replace your hamster's water bottle. Continue to check the temporary seal of your bottle daily. 

Missing Gasket

When you open the cap to your water bottle, you should see a rubber gasket, or O-ring, inside. This piece creates a tight seal. If this small rubber gasket is missing or damaged, your bottle will have a continuous drip. 

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Gaskets, or o-rings, can experience normal wear and tear over time. Each time you clean your bottle, inspect this piece for any damage to stay ahead of replacements. 

These rings are easy to replace and can be bought at your local hardware store. Bring your bottle with you so that you can match up the appropriate sized gasket. 

Displacement Of The Ball

Most pet water bottles have one or more metal ball bearings inside the drinking tube. When in the right position, these balls create a vacuum that keeps the water inside the bottle. 

Small amounts of water come out as your pet licks or nudges these metal pieces. In some instances, these metal ball bearings can get displaced.

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For example, one might get lodged farther up the drinking tube, or there may not be enough water in your bottle to push the ball down. 

The displacement of the balls will cause a constant drip or a small stream of water from the bottle. To resolve this issue, fill your water bottle. Next, give the bottle a shake to move the ball. 

To prevent ball displacement, wash your bottle and drinking tube often. If grime or debris gets stuck in your bottle or tube, this can stop the ball from moving as it should. 

Additionally, keep an adequate water level in your bottle. The ball needs enough water in the bottle to create a suction, and when water levels are too low, this may not be possible. 

How Can I Tell My Hamster's Water Bottle Is Working Correctly?

When you think you have addressed the underlying issue of your leaky water bottle, you will want to check it. First, fill your water bottle and replace the cap by screwing it on. 

Next, flip your bottle over and observe if there are any leaks. You can then rub your finger over the metal ball bearing at the end of the drinking tube to ensure water gets dispensed as expected. 

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Take note of your hamster's habits. Are they drinking from the bottle often? It is important your hammie gets the water they require. Being on top of water bottle care can aid your hamster's water requirements. 

If you notice an issue with your water bottle, take action right away to resolve the issue. 

Have a look at the video below for some more tips and tricks for maintaining water bottles for small pets. This video talks about water bottles for rats. However, these are the same bottles you would use for your hamster. 

Can Hamsters Drink Out Of A Bowl?

Hamsters can drink out of a bowl. While it is more common to see water bottles hanging in a hamster's home, they can absolutely drink out of water bowls or dishes as well. 

Drinking bowls have pros and cons, just like water bottles. Drinking out of a bowl may come off as more natural for hamsters. You will have to change the water more frequently in bowls. 

Additionally, open water is more likely to be contaminated with bedding or food particles. 

The hamster is standing next to the plastic bowl of water in the cage

However, the frequent water changes will mean your pet is always getting fresh water. With both water bottles and bowls, you should be cleaning the container every time you change the water. 

Have a look at the video below to compare bowls and water bottles for hamsters.


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How Often Should I Change My Hamster's Water?

Sometimes, with water bottles, hamster owners change their water less often. This is not recommended. Even if water is left in the bottle, water changes should be done frequently. 

You should change out your hamster's water once per day. Having consistently fresh water is a part of your pet's healthy diet and reduces bacteria build-up in your bottle or bowl. 

If you let the water sit for too long, this build-up of bacteria can cause your pet to get ill. 

When you switch out the water, this is a great time to inspect your watering device for any cracks, leaks, or other abnormalities. 

Regular cleanings of your bottle or bowl are recommended as well. Keeping the bottle and nozzle clean and free from debris will help to avoid problems later. 

How Much Water Should A Hamster Drink?

If you monitor your hamster's water bottle, you are probably wondering how much water they should be drinking. Being aware of your hamster's drinking and eating habits can help you identify issues with their health if they arise. 

Hamsters should be drinking ten milliliters, or two teaspoons, of water per one hundred grams of body weight each day. This is just an average.

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Your hamster's exact amount of water will depend on its breed, gender, and weight. For example, female hamsters often require more water than male hamsters. 

Hamsters who are drinking water excessively or not drinking at all may have something going on. If you notice a drastic change in your hamster's water intake, you should schedule a visit with your Veterinarian. 

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In Summary

The first step to fixing a leaking hamster bottle is finding out why it is leaking. Most issues are a quick fix; others require a bottle replacement. We hope you found this article insightful when fixing your leaky bottle. 

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