Alyson Maticic

Alyson Maticic

Can Hamsters Eat Acorns?

hamster sits surrounded by acorns on white background

Are you looking to treat your hamster? Are you wondering if acorns are a good snack for them? This article will answer if it is safe for hamsters to eat acorns. We will go on to explain why or why…

Can Hamsters Eat Wood?

Djungarian hamster inside a wood log in its play pen. Can Hamsters Eat Wood

Did you know a hamster’s teeth are continuously growing? To avoid overgrowth of their teeth, your hamster will seek out items to chew on. This chewing helps to file or grind down those chompers. To aid our furry friends with…

Can Hamsters Eat Rice?

Uncooked rice in a white bowl and rice bran in a brown mat, Can Hamsters Eat Rice?

If you are a new or experienced owner of a hamster, you may be experimenting with diet and treat options.  From homemade treats to store bought goodies, there is something tasty for every hamster. Your hamster’s diet will play a…