17 Hamster House Ideas That Will Make You Go AWWWW

17 Hamster House Ideas That Will Make You Go AwwwwHamsters are delightful animals to watch play in their cages but is very important that they have a place to call their own. They are mostly nocturnal, so they can get stressed by light and loud noises. So a hamster house is a perfect place for your little guy to build a nest to get away from it all.

Hamster houses are also the perfect opportunity to add character and whimsy to your hamster's cage. Below are 17 adorable options that will leave you wanting to rush out and get them all!

1. Bwogue Two Story Play House 

This house is a fun option as it has a ramp for your hamster to climb up to a small room where he can relax, or step out onto a platform that has a little dish to hold treats. There is also a ground floor that could also be sued as a sleeping area.

This hideout doubles as a playhouse, and since it is made of wood, your hamster can chew away!

2. Kaytee Natural Tree Hideout

This cute little hideout is shaped like a tree trunk and comes in a small and a large size. Reviewers commented that the small size was too small for a Syrian hamster, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

It is also heavier than a standard igloo hideout, which is good because it is harder to flip over if your hammy gets too rambunctious, or when it is climbing onto the flat top so it can take in all the sights!

3. LAAK Shell Shaped Ceramic Igloo

This is a very versatile addition to your hamster's cage. It is an adorable shell shape, perfect for building a nest in. It could also be used as a bath with the addition of bath sand, or a toilet, depending on what your little guy prefers.  It is made of ceramic, so it is super easy to clean, just be careful and watch for chips, as some ceramics can be fragile.

4. Green Farm Cabin

Going for a rustic theme for your hamster's cage? This little wooden cabin is the perfect addition for an outdoors-inspired decor. Users rave about how much their hamsters love it, and it is even large enough for a chubby Syrian hamster.

It is crafted from wood, so it is potentially chewable but is a high quality that will hold up over time. If you wanted to do nature-themed cage, this could be the house for you!

5. Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture- Paul Hideout

Available in three different colors, blue, green and pink, this bunk bed shaped hamster home is a perfect retreat for your little guy. It has a staircase leading up to the upstairs 'bed' platform where he can be the master of all he surveys. When he is tired or stressed, he can hide away or take a nap.

6. Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture- Joel WPC Hideout

Also by Alfie Pet, this charming pink hideout will be a colorful addition to your pet's home that your children will adore. It has a pink ramp with lettering leading to a dish for food and treats. Reviewers say that their hamsters love it, and the hamster hideout, gym and food dish combination allows for more room in the hamster cage.

7. Petzilla Cute Hamster Hideout

This little white house is the perfect size for a retreat for your hamster. It is made of wood, so can be chewed on, and easily wiped down. Its traditional white picket fence look will give a clean storybook look to your pet's cage while providing him with a necessary and comfortable place to rest.

8. Sungrow Coconut Shell House

100% all natural, this coconut shell house is an eco-friendly option for your furry friend. There are no chemicals, toxins or GMO components, so he can climb and chew to his heart's content. It is 14 to 16 inches and can easily fit a large Syrian or a couple of Robos can snuggle down inside. You can also hang it in your hamster's cage, so he can have a sleeping area that is elevated that he has to reach by climbing.

9. Emours Natural Wooden Hut

This hideout is all natural wood with two floors, providing ample room for nesting, or hiding food. The wooden ramp provides exercise and can be removed and folded up to make more space if needed. It can be safely chewed which promotes good oral health for your pet.

10. Wildgirl Adorable Cartoon Shape Hamster House

Available in three whimsical shapes, strawberry, watermelon, or bottle, this little home is made of bright and colorful ceramic. It is perfect for creating a cheerful environment for your hamster while adding to the decor of your room.

It is very easy to clean, helping keep your hamster's home clean and sanitary. The ceramic is also cool, providing a place where he can go to cool off when it gets a little hot in the summertime.

11. Cute Elk Hamster House

Made of soft warm fleece, your pet can burrow into the soft pocket and snuggle up whenever he is cold. This would be perfect during winter months, or where the air conditioning runs on high. Hamsters tend to hibernate when it is too cold, so it is important they have someplace to go to get warm.

Since it is fabric, it is machine washable, you can just throw it in the wash whenever it gets dirty. This hideaway is available in pig, giraffe, and crocodile.

12. Hamster Hideout House with Ladder

This is a cute little yellow hamster house with a peephole window with a lift-off roof for easy cleaning. The ladder is removable if you want to leave it on the floor of the cage, or you can attach it to the side of the cage so that your hammy can climb up and snuggle down.

The roof is semi clear so you can see what is going on inside as well. It detaches, so you can get your pet out if he is being stubborn and refusing to come out.

13. Alfie Pet by Patoga Castle Hideout

Want to bring a little spookiness to your hamster's home decor? Bring a bit of "Hammoween" to his cage with this haunted castle. He can keep an eye out for invaders, ghosts and ghouls from the castle windows.

It is a perfect hideaway for him to build a nest or use as a storage place for his hidden food stores. It has a flat roof so he can climb up on top of it. Users say that is is a bit small for Syrian hamsters, but perfect for dwarf hamsters.

14. Kaylee Igloo Hideout

Reviewers LOVE this cute little igloo! It is constructed out of a single piece of smooth plastic that is easy to wipe clean. It has a flat roof where your hamster can climb. The house comes in different sizes, so you can get the size that is right for your pet.

15. rainbowroseus Hamster Hideout

This delightful pink hamster palace is perfect for your dwarf hamster. It has a charming balcony on the second floor, and both sides of the house have cutouts for so you can attach tubes for your friend to come and go.

The looks of this house will lend an element of style to your hamsters cage, while providing him a safe space for sleeping, or just to get away from prying eyes for a while.

16. Niteangel Natural Wooden Castle

This natural wood castle is a delightful addition to any hamsters cage. It has two stories, so there is plenty of room for him to sleep or to use to hide his snacks. Since it is made of wood, he can gnaw on it to his heart's content, which is great for his teeth.

17. Niteangel Natural Living Tunnel Hamster House

Welcome to hamster paradise!! While this house takes up a bit of room, your furry little friend is going to love it! There are  three separate areas where he can get away from the bright lights of the great outdoors, once of which is upstairs.

There are ladders and ramps and a tiny wooden bridge so your pet can run and climb all day, then hide away to sleep and rest up. The entire structure is all natural wood, so he can chew on it as well.

Choosing a house for your pet that he likes and meets his needs, is very important, but should also be fun. Feel free to have a couple on hand to switch out for variety, or if your cage is large enough, to have more than one. Your hamster will thank you!

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