Top 8 Dwarf Hamster Cages (That could make your hammy very happy!)

One thing people often forget when shopping for a hamster cage is to account for the hamster's type. You see, dwarf hamsters have different cage needs than what a Syrian might and vice versa.

Top 8 Dwarf Hamster Cages (That Could Make Your Hammy Very Happy!)In particular, dwarf hamsters can survive in a habitat that's a little smaller than your typical Syrian. But even at their smaller statures, these pets still need a reasonably spacious area to explore.

What a dwarf hamster cage needs to be like

You might be thinking that a Syrian could work relatively well for a dwarf hamster given the extra space. In some cases, you'd end up being right; but, if you're using a wire cage, the wire spacing must be small enough to prevent an escape attempt.

A spacing that's 3/8'' or smaller would be an ideal choice. This amount of wire spacing will ensure there won't be an issue of your hamster squeezing through the bars.

After some extensive research, we found some options that fit a dwarf hamster's cage needs perfectly. So please, keep reading and let us help you find the perfect cage for your favorite dwarf hamster!

1. Lixit Animal Care Cage

This dwarf hamster cage will offer your little fur-ball a lot of room to run around and do it safely. You’d be shocked by how many larger dwarf hamster cages forget to account the pet’s safety. It’s not uncommon for these products to have bars big enough for a successful escape attempt.

But with these bars, an escape attempt won’t be possible. This cage comes with bars that are 7 millimeters apart; this distance should be small enough to stop even the most unruly hamster.

Every piece of the construction coming from high-quality material helps in this regard as well: the wire bars are metal with a high-level bending resistance, and the bottom portion is highly durable plastic.

It also comes with the inclusion of a water bottle, feeding bowl, house, and exercise wheel. In other words, everything to make your hamster feel right at home. The only issue is it’s incredibly expensive for a hamster cage.

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2. Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage

It might be a little bit smaller than our previous product: but this cage will provide your hamster with the room he needs. He'll be able to run and explore all he wants inside this fantastic cage from Habitrail.

But the best part about this cage is its durability with its top-notch plastic construction. You won't have to worry about buying another enclosure for a long time with this model in your life.

It also helps that this construction allows you to have a total view of your hamster at all times. As a result, you'll always know what your little guy is up to within their habitat.

And it comes with excellent additional features as well: a lookout deck with ladder, an exercise wheel, a water bottle, a litter guard, and food dish. Each one will contribute heavily to ensuring your hamster feels comfortable and safe in his new home.

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3. Prevue Pet Products Universal Small Animal Home

The Prevue Pet Products Universal Small Animal Home is a rather large home for a dwarf hamster. But given their running space needs, it would represent an ideal purchase for their owners.

This large space will give you plenty of room for an exercise wheel and other hamster necessities as well. It'll end up being the dream home your hamster never knew he wanted.

The 3/8 inch wire spacing should also give you some much-needed comfort and relief. Even at their tiny size, there's no way your hamster's going to fit through this spacing.

Even if he does try, you'll quickly see it as the cage provides unobstructed views from all angles. In the end, this product is the classic "doesn't try too hard, but does everything right" type of hamster cage.

Isn't that all you want in hamster cage: something to keep your favorite small pet safe without causing any complications or hassles?

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4. Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat

This dwarf hamster cage features a unique design that increases the fun for both hamster and owner. Neither of you will end up being bored by the various hours of enjoyment this cage could provide.

It even has a cozy hideaway for when your hamster wants to be by themselves. But don't worry; you can easily see into every part thanks to the see-through plastic material.

This material also makes the cage entirely escape proof, which is must have quality for a hamster cage. You can take comfort knowing your hamster's safely having the time of their lives explore all the various new spots.

Habitrail was kind enough to include all the hamster essentials and some extra additional products as well: food dish, water bottle, exercise wheel, two mini elbows, four mini tees, two mini straight tubes, three windows, 12 lock connectors.

And all for a price that any hamster owner would consider reasonable. If you're looking for a bargain, this cage could be the best option.

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5. Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Hamster Cage

The Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Hamster Cage is a perfect dwarf hamster cage for many reasons. Its construction provides plenty of space for your hamster to roam around and have fun.

It even has platforms and upper levels with houses for your little fur-ball to explore. Your hamster will never run out of places to hide or play with this cage.

But we haven't even mentioned the best part; this cage has 5/16 inch wire spacing, which will stop any dwarf hamster from squeezing through the bars. If your hamster got through these bars, it'd be a borderline miracle.

It's also helpful that these bars are highly-durable and chew-proof. As a result, it stops your hamster's other method of escaping, chewing through the bars, as well. And remember, chewing is important for hamsters, so while you don't want them to chew on the cage bars, you should provide an alternative, like these hamster chew toys.

Overall, everything about this cage is high-quality and should warrant consideration from any dwarf hamster owner. I mean, you even get to choose the color based on your preference!

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6. GNB Pet Hamster Cage DIY Habitat

As a three-level cage, this product offers your hamster a bit more adventure than some of the other models. It gives them ample amount of room to climb, burrow, or run during his high-activity periods.

This particular product also comes with some additional features worth mentioning: water bottle, bedroom, exercise wheel, food bowl, and two slides. All of these items will help make the cage your hamster's perfect home.

Given these features, this cage provides a home that's well-equipped to handle all your hamster's needs. It's done safely as well thanks to the entirely escape-proof construction.

And it even offers you a little fun by providing a choice between four different colors: pink, green, orange, and blue. The cage having a reasonable price isn't something to overlook either. It might be the best bargain we have on this entire list.

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Looking for real DIY hamster cage options? Check out this guide.

Ferplast Hamster Cage

The Ferplast Hamster Cage has a unique two-floor setup, which is an ideal construction for a dwarf hamster. The top part consists of highly-durable wire netting that'll keep your hamster from escaping.

And the bottom part is where you can store your hamster's bedding. This particular feature is where this product separates itself from its competition.

I mean, it's incredibly convenient, and your hamster has two access points where he can burrow themselves into the bedding. Your hamster will end up having a ton of fun with this cage.

It coming with all necessary accessories is another positive that showcases this cage's otherworldly convenience: nest, food bowl, drinking bottle, and wheel for exercise.

This cage also has a door on top, which makes cleaning and other maintenance tasks much more manageable. All in all, this product would be an excellent addition to both you and your hamster's respective lives.

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YML Triple Stories Dwarf Hamster Cage

Our last product is the YML Triple Stories Dwarf Hamster Cage, which as the name suggest has three stories. This feature gives your hamster a lot of maneuverability and space to climb or run.

It gives you the ability to provide your hamster with different set-ups and environments on each level. Adds a little spice into their lives that can be a little mundane at times.

You also won't have to worry about the wire spacing with the 3/8 inch dimensions throughout the cage. There's nothing better than having peace of mind about your cage's escape-proof abilities. And with this cage, you can have that comfort.

The additional accessories are another aspect where this product excels. You get a small dish, drink bottle, house and wheel, which are all essential pieces to the hamster lifestyle.

With all this mind, it's quite clear YML did an excellent job creating a top-notch dwarf hamster cage. And it's something you should take advantage of as a hamster owner.

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After seeing these fantastic cages, it's time for you to tell us which one was your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!

If you want to know more about hamster cages, you might be interested in 5 Types of Hamster Cages Every Pet Owner Needs To Know. This will definitely benefit your hamster in so many ways.


  1. Only a couple of these cages are big enough for a hamster. I hope people who are getting hamsters are smart enough to realize that even dwarf hamsters need a lot of space to burrow and run around.

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