17 Hamster Jokes and Funny Gifs That Will Make You Laugh

You asked for it, hamster humor...so here it is! We researched and found the 15 funniest family-friendly jokes about our furry little friends.

Now, a few of these jokes actually talk about hamsters dying so please use your judgment before sharing them with very young kids.

We all love our hammies and we're here to celebrate their lives and educate owners about the best possible hamster care practices.

Comic cartoon hamster with rice grain, 17 Hamster Jokes and Funny Gifs That Will Make You LaughHere at Hamsters101.com, we believe that it's ok to share a laugh with hamster jokes too, as long as we are committed to the welfare of our pets.

That's why we added links to articles that can help you learn more about hamsters after some of the jokes.

Hamster Jokes

1. The origins of hamsters

Q: Where do hamsters come from?

A: Hamsterdam!

Learn more: What Are Hamsters Anyway?

2. Bedtime Story

Q: Why does the mother hamster never tell her babies a bedtime story?

A: She doesn't have a tale!

3. Bad Weather

Q: Why do hamsters stay inside in bad weather?

A: Because it's raining cats and dogs!

4. Weight Problem

I was wondering why my hamster was so fat…

Then it became a parent!

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5. Black Tie Attire

Q: What do you call a hamster with a top hat?

A: Abrahamster Lincoln

6. Runaway

Q: Why did the hamster run away on foot?

A: Because he didn’t have a wheel!

7. Job Satisfaction

Q: Why did the hamster quit his job?

A: Because he wasn't happy with the celery they gave him.

8. Hygiene

Q: When does a hamster take a bath?

A: Just like us - when no one’s looking!

9. The Hamster Show

A down and out, a grungy man walks into a swanky restaurant desperately needing a meal. He asks the waiter if he can have a free meal and the waiter says, “Absolutely not! This is an upscale establishment and I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

The man says, “If I can show you something amazing that you’ve never seen before will you give me a meal?”

The waiter replies, “Ok, only if it is truly amazing and not crude.”

The man pulls a hamster out of his pocket. It jumps off the table, runs across the room to the piano, and plays songs. And, it is really good!

The waiter is amazed and brings a hot meal to the man while the hamster plays.

When the man finishes, he is still hungry and asks the waiter for a free dessert and coffee. The waiter says, “No, sorry, unless you have the money or another miracle, that’s all you get.”

The man says, “Ok!” and pulls a frog out of his pocket and sets it on the table. The frog begins singing the song that the hamster is playing on the piano!

A man at another table rushes over and offers $200 for the singing frog.

The man makes the trade and the fellow runs out of the restaurant with the frog to get him on The Tonight Show.

The waiter says, “Are you crazy? That singing frog is worth millions, not just $200.”

The man replies, “Not so. The hamster is also a ventriloquist. Now, bring that chocolate torte and coffee, please.”


10. Dark Humor

My hamster died today…he fell asleep at the wheel!

11. Quite a Crowd

Two nuns, a pirate with a parrot on his shoulder, a dog, and a hamster walk into a bar. The bartender says, “What is this? Some kind of joke?”

Funny hamster gif's

GIF's are short animations that people make to show their funny hamsters. Here are our favorite funny GIFs and why we love them so much.

12. Surprise!

Cute hamster looking very surprised

This adorable white hammy looks so surprised! We think he just realized someone was taking his picture.

13. Nom nom nom!

Don't you love watching your hammy stuff his cheek pouches like that?

Here's another hamster making the most of his cheek pouches - only this one is wearing a hat!

Maybe that's Abrahamster Lincoln from the other joke?

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14. Following the food trail

15. Mama hamster wants to sleep!

Hamster pups are so active! This one interrupts his mama while she's asleep.

Remember, Syrian hamsters are solitary animals. If you ever deal with a mama hamster with babies, they need to be separated by the time the pups are a month old.

Read more: Can Hamsters Live Together in the Same Cage?

16. Evil hamster lurking

He looks busy plotting his plan to take over the world!

17. Dancing hamster

Just for fun, and because GIFs can be used to manipulate images without harming a hamster.

There you have it, a collection of family-friendly jokes and funny gifs about hamsters.

What do you think? Can you come up with any of your own hamster jokes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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