Hamster Cage Themes Ideas (Including seasonal and holiday themes!)

Hamster Cage Themes Ideas (Including seasonal and holiday themes!)Whether it’s summertime or Christmastime, you can’t get enough of decorating your home so it’s nice and festive. If you decked the halls with boughs of holly, did you remember your hammy’s cage, too?

Sure, your hamster might not celebrate holidays and other occasions like us people do, but adding a few decorative touches to their enclosure creates a festive atmosphere nonetheless.

Just which decorations are best? In this article, we’re presenting a list of our favorite hamster cage decoration themes. These include major holidays as well as other themes we think you’ll love.

Beach Themes

Beach Theme #1: A Summer Oasis


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Who doesn’t love summer? It’s a time of dipping our toes in the sand, kicking back, and relaxing. Let your hammy chill all summer too with this theme.

You’ll find this look is easy to replicate. You need wallpaper with rocks and trees that you can adhere to the back wall of the enclosure. This creates an oasis-like ambiance. Make sure to attach a few fake foliage branches for realism.

Bright teal litter in a circular pile doubles as a pond. Hamster-safe sand covers the rest of the enclosure, which includes a little homemade crossable bridge, several wooden climbing ladders, and a play log.

Beach Theme #2: Fourth of July Patriotism


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Before you plan your day on the beach or in the backyard barbequing, get your hamster in the mood for Independence Day with a bit of decorating. This summertime cage theme requires a small American flag stuck to the wall behind the cage.

Placing a red or blue plastic spinner in hammy’s enclosure is another way to ramp up the patriotism. If you can get your hands on any red pet-safe litter and then sprinkle it against white sand, you can also show off the colors of the flag.

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Beach Theme #3: Under the Sea


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Although hamsters aren’t supposed to swim or get wet, they can still explore the ocean blue in this beach-themed enclosure. Cut pieces of colorful twined rope mimic the appearance of sea anemones. Large colorful wooden logs with spacious openings are fun for hammy to use while also contributing to the theme.

If you can, go for litter that mimics all the colors of the ocean. In this example, those hues are dark blue, green, lighter blue, and even a bit of orange. Make sure it’s all pet-safe.

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Items Needed to Create Your Own Beach-Themed Cage

Feeling inspired to make your hammy’s home a summertime paradise? Here are some items you might pick up, all courtesy of Amazon:

  • 12x18-inch American Flag — A polyester flag like this one can be adhered to your wall for some summertime flair. Don’t let your hamster near it!

Valentine’s Day Themes

Valentine’s Theme #1: Pink Everything


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You don’t need a hamster named Scarlett Johamster to try this pink-themed cage perfect for the season of love. Pink litter is the main feature of this enclosure, which also has a pink wooden hamster wheel and a pink resin food bowl. A couple of cute accessories were tossed in as well, such as a small turtle figurine with hearts on its shell and a little pink resin hiding hole for Hammy.

Valentine’s Theme #2: Red and Pink Hearts

If you want more overt nods to Valentine’s Day, then you’ll love this second cage theme. Cutout paper hearts in red and pink are glued to pink string and then tied at the top of the hamster cage on either side. If you make this string of hearts as well, be sure the hearts are high enough that your hammy can’t get to them. Your hamster will think they’re a snack.


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If you’re feeling artsy, you can draw the paper bear and cat seen in the example above and tape them to the wall behind the cage. Otherwise, tiny red paper boxes and a pink water bottle will get your hammy feeling the love. Just make sure they don’t eat the paper boxes!

Valentine’s Theme #3: Hearts, Hearts, and More Hearts

Another simple way to show your hammy how much you love them on Valentine’s Day is by getting them some heart-shaped resin bowls. These can be used for sand bathing or food. Bowls of various sizes will look best.


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Finish this Valentine’s Day theme with some pink litter and even a bright pink spinner wheel. Colorful pink glittery paper adhered to the back wall of the cage will complete the decorating.

Items Needed to Create Your Own Valentine’s Day-Themed Cage

These great items will let you make the Valentine’s Day-themed hammy enclosure of your dreams:

Halloween Themes

Halloween Theme #1: Spooky Carnival

This scary Halloween carnival cage may seem complicated at first glance, but if you break it down, it’s much more manageable. The main decorations are stickers. From spooky haunted houses to reapers and ghosts, the exterior of your hammy’s cage will certainly inspire some oohs and ahhs (mostly ahhs)!


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Inside the enclosure, you can add some ghastly white bedding and a few ceramic Halloweeny pieces. In this case, those are a resin pumpkin with ghosts. There’s even a play faux eyeball. Colorful climbing items and even a few plastic balloons tie into the whole carnival theme.


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On top of the cage, there’s the star of the show: a plastic Halloween carnival lid attached to a smaller cage. This connects to a plastic play tunnel that’s decorated with mini sticky spiders, ghosts, and more white bedding.

Halloween Theme #2: A Simple but Cute Halloween

If the above Halloween carnival theme seems to be too large of an undertaking (which is certainly understandable), you can ease into seasonal decorating with this theme. It’s still based around Halloween, but there’s less for you to do.


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Again, stickers will come in handy here. Make sure you adhere these on the outside of hammy’s cage, never the inside. Orange accessories, like a play bridge, a hamster wheel, and a resin food bowl will get your hamster ready to celebrate Halloween. A sizable resin pumpkin with a wide mouth opening could become hammy’s new favorite place to hide.

Halloween Theme #3: Haunted Towers

Everyone loves a good haunted house around Halloween, including your hamster! This enclosure decorating idea is a little more DIY than the others. If you can, use construction paper to recreate the dual haunted towers in the picture above. Otherwise, paper decorations that are about the same size should suffice.


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Stick both towers into the bedding of the enclosure, checking that they’re secure. A bit of purple litter will ramp up the spook factor. Finally, add in some Halloween resin items like scary cats, pumpkins, or ghouls.

Items Needed to Create Your Own Halloween-Themed Cage

If you fell in love with any of the above ideas, here’s what you need to get your hammy all prepped for the season of spooks:

  • Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner — This nine-inch exercise wheel is a favorite for hamster owners because it’s so quiet. It’s also yellowy-orange, making it perfect for your Halloween-themed enclosure!

Christmas Themes

Christmas Theme #1: Woodland Christmas

Bring hammy back to its wild roots with this woodland Christmas-themed enclosure. Using red and green construction paper, cut out paper ornaments, two each for both paper colors. String them up with real pine cones and then adhere the garland across the front exterior of the cage.


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Around the bottom, tuck some green garland with holly leaves for that natural, woodsy look. Inside the enclosure, wooden decorations, toys, and accessories painted and themed for the season will have your hamster in the holiday spirit in no time!

Christmas Theme #2: The Deconstructed Gingerbread House

If you can’t for the life of you ever get a gingerbread house to stay together, then you’ll love this theme. It’s a take on a deconstructed gingerbread house. Inside hammy’s enclosure, decorate with resin gingerbread house pieces. Some of these should be standing up while others should be lying flat. This makes it look like the gingerbread house fell apart.


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Litter that’s red, white, and green boasts all the Christmas colors any cage could ever need. A green plastic hamster spinner makes for a fantastic finishing touch.

Christmas Theme #3: Winter Wonderland

This no-frills theme still embodies the spirit of Christmas. It’s adorable in its simplicity. Resin figures of Santa Claus, a snowman, and a reindeer sit smiling inside the cage. White paper litter mimics the look of snow to augment the frosty winter scene.


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Try making some white paper loops from construction paper. These can be tied around the outside of the cage. Still, we think our favorite part of this enclosure is undoubtedly the hanging hamster toy balls, which are of varying sizes to look like a Christmas tree.

Items Needed to Create Your Own Christmas-Themed Cage

Your hammy will love the holidays as much as you do with any of the above themes. Here’s what you need to recreate them:

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Disney Themes

Disney Theme #1: Enchanted Castle

If you’ve ever been to Disney World, then you know that one of the grandest sights is Cinderella’s castle at the Magic Kingdom. While you probably always wished you could live in there, you can make that dream a reality for your hamster.


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You’ll need wallpapering or paper to cover the base of the “castle.” Retractable cage doors are a nice touch, but make sure your hamster can’t hurt themselves on them. The castle should also have multiple levels in case hammy feels like climbing.

Disney Theme #2: Labeled Cages

These two hamster cages are subtle nods to Disney that any fan would recognize. The top cage seems to pay homage to Belle of Beauty and the Beast with the rose stickers on the base. The bottom cage is definitely dedicated to Mickey Mouse with its color scheme and stickers. The name of each hamster is printed in a Disney font to pull the whole look together.


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Items Needed to Create Your Own Disney-Themed Cage

Your hammy is ready to get their Disney on. Here’s what they’ll need:

  • Disney: Ultimate Sticker Book — This book has more than 60 stickers to choose from that are all Disney-themed. Surely you can find some great picks for hammy’s enclosure.

  • Easy Playhouse Castle — This blank castle base could go into making your hamster’s very own Magic Kingdom.

Safely Accessorizing Your Hamster’s Cage

The above themed-cages are all aesthetically pleasing for certain, but how can you ensure they’re safe for your hamster? Here are some pointers on what to include and what to exclude when accessorizing:

  • Always place stickers on the exterior of the enclosure. Stickers should not be placed on most cages due to the openings between the bars. Your hamster could get to the sticky backing of the sticker, try to eat it, and possibly get sick.
  • If you’re adding paper decorations, keep these on the outside of the cage where hammy can’t get them. Again, your pet will probably try to eat the paper.
  • Colored or fluffy litter can complete a holiday look, but always make sure the bedding is pet-safe.
  • Resin decorations add extra holiday emphasis to an enclosure but watch your hamster while these are in the cage. Make sure the figurine has no sharp parts or edges. After all, hammy may rub against it, and you don’t want them getting hurt. Also, make sure the figure is secure so it doesn’t fall and break. This could lead to hamster injuries.
  • You still have to clean your hamster’s cage, even if it is nicely decorated. Weekly cleanings and daily monitoring of waste and food levels are necessary.

Pretty Themed Hammy Homes Are Safe and Easy to Replicate

If you want to decorate your hamster’s enclosure for an upcoming holiday or season, the above suggestions are all great ideas to emulate. Make sure you follow the tips too so your hamster’s decorated enclosure is a safe, happy, pretty place to be.

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