10 Best Hamster Hammocks (And Why you should be getting one!)

10 Best Hamster Hammocks (And Why you should be getting one!)Have you considered adding a hamster hammock to your hamster supplies list? There are surprising benefits to owning a hamster hammock that you may not have thought of before. In this guide, we’ll show you just how beneficial hamster hammocks are and reveal some of the greatest options on the market.

Hamsters are proven to be happier in enriching environments that facilitate their natural impulses. This includes the addition of hammocks, which mimic a hamster’s desire for nesting material that could be considered “additional.” A recent study brought forward scientific evidence supporting what experienced hamster owners know: Hamsters are happier in an environment that offers a range of stimuli, including hammocks!

Yup, the addition of hamster hammocks is a great way to provide a rich happy life for your hammy. Continue reading this article to better understand the role of hamster hammocks in your pet’s happiness. You will also learn where to buy some of the greatest options available to modern consumers today.

Our Guide to Choosing Hamster Hammocks

You won’t know whether or not your hammy has a fondness of hammocks until you try it. What you do know is that you want to purchase a hammock that’s comfortable and fits the décor of your hamster’s cage. If you’re looking to try this hammock thing out without spending much, consider this banana-inspired hammock by FLAdorepet.

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There are many inexpensive options for hamster hammocks on the market, but you want to make sure that your purchase is a sturdy and reliable one. After all, a hammock doesn’t do any good if it doesn’t latch properly and is prone to falling down. If you’re in the market for an inexpensive hammock that can carry your hammy with ease, this hammock by Trixie is a great option.

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Hamster hammocks can add a fun and whimsical touch to your hammy’s cage! While functionality is clearly important, why not go for a design that is more pleasing to the eye? This Alfie Pet hammock provides a plush and cozy lounging spot for hamsters of all sizes, including Syrian hamsters! The design of this blue and white hammock is so appealing that you’ll wish they made it in human sizes, too.

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Do you want to give your hamster another option where their hammock is concerned? Double-hammocks, otherwise known as “bunkbed hammocks” are a great solution. These hammocks let your hamster sleep right on top if they choose or enjoy the more secluded second section underneath. This hammock sold by Orangelight is one fine example of this type of hammock.

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SewRat on Etsy sells a similar hammock, this one with more fleece-like material for optimal warmth and comfort. Bunkbed hammocks are just as varied as single-layer ones. They can be purchased in any number of patterns, colors and prints. They vary in sizes to suit the smallest dwarf hamster and the largest Syrian.

While most hammocks are open, allowing you to view your hamster blissfully dozing, there are more enclosed options as well. Many hamster hammocks are designed with privacy and comfort in mind, like this one by FLAdorepet. The fun shark design is a delightful and colorful addition to any wire cage and can be hung up or sat flat on the ground like a conventional hamster house. You’ll love the design, but your hamster will adore the comfort and security they find when they sleep inside.

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There are other enclosed options on the market that are constructed into more conventional designs. If you’re worried that a hammock like the shark listed above won’t fit into the theme of your hammy’s cage, consider a more basic – but still perfectly comfortable – design. Wowow Meow sells such hamster hammocks in a wide array of patterns and colors. And, like the hammock above, it can be hung up or placed on the floor of your hamster’s cage. It’s up to you!

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Another selection from Wowow Meow is this star-patterned blue hammock. The plush material of this simple hammock, which can be laid down or hung up in the cage, makes for a great nesting spot. It is also machine-washable, so you don’t have to take any extra steps to keep it clean.

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Speaking of keeping a hammock clean, you might be wondering if you should purchase two hammocks. This way, your hamster never has to go without their nesting spot, even if one is in the wash. This two-pack of simple hammocks by EONMIR could be just the thing you need. The two hammocks are sold together at a great value, so you don’t have to spend much on a pair. Their sturdy construction and comfort make the $12.99 price tag a total steal!

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Do you want your hamster to have fun with their hammock and not just use it as a lounging spot? This hamster hammock and toy by WINOMO is the perfect solution. Your hamster might like to use this comfy hamster haven as a place to nap, a food storage location or simply a great place to hang out. The plush bedding is cozy and warm, and the chains used to attach it to the cage are of durable construction.

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How to Choose the Right Hamster Hammock

We understand if the multitude of options seems a bit overwhelming to sift through. After all, we’ve given you a lot to consider! You want to make sure that whichever option you choose will be the best fit for your hamster. So, how can you narrow the list down to the best of the best for your hammy?


While a dwarf hamster can nest comfortably in nearly any hamster hammock, Syrians require a bit more thought before a purchase is made. You want to ensure that the hammock is large enough to hold your larger hamster.

Not only that, but you also want to compare the size of the hammock to the size of your cage. Is the cage small enough that hammocks of a certain size may just get in the way? Could it interfere with other elements of the cage?


Sturdiness is key for any quality hamster hammock. Your hamster should be able to reside in their hammock comfortably without a risk of falling. Make sure to purchase your hammock from only a reputable seller, like the ones listed above.

The material composing the hammock should be sturdy, but you also want to make sure that the clips are, as well. Look for secure clips that close fully to avoid your hamster’s hammock slipping and falling down.


Do you live in a climate where it gets especially cold during certain months? While not necessary to your hamster’s comfort during this time, a fleece-lined option could help combat against the chill. Hamsters cannot stand to be cold, so it might be nice to guarantee that they have a warm hiding spot to cozy up in.


While hamsters are known for being very clean, little creatures, it’s likely that their hammock is going to need to be washed eventually. When selecting a hammock, make sure that it’s a material that you know how to safely and effectively clean.

Fortunately, many hamster hammocks can be thrown into the washing machine like any other piece of laundry. Still, don’t buy the hammock until you’ve confirmed that this is the case. The last thing that you want is to have to toss out the hammock after its first wash.

Do All Hamsters Care for Hammocks?

All hamsters have their individual personalities, so you can’t guarantee that your hamster will be a lover of the hammock. Some hamsters practically live their lives in them, while others have no interest at all. Others might even take to a destructive approach and chew on their hammocks!

Why Buy My Hamster a Hammock?

A hammock for your hamster might seem a bit lavish and even excessive but consider the benefits! Hamsters thrive in environments where their natural instincts are nurtured. These instincts include the desire to burrow, hide and nest in their environment. A hammock gives them another option, one that they might love.

Hammocks are also a stylish and simple addition to any hamster enclosure. They take no time at all to set up and require no maintenance, except for a good cleaning every now and then.

There is no reason not to give a hamster hammock a chance. For only a few dollars, you can make a change to your hamster’s cage that they will love for years!

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